Welcome to my website. I’m Kelly, a home cook who makes very good, everyday vegan fooIMG_0014d. With so many vegan websites, youtube channels, blogs, and vegan cookbooks –almost 1500 according to my Kindle–you might ask, “Why another?” Still, I wind up spending a lot of time looking for recipes online then adjusting them to our tastes, as well as going through my own books and stacks of recipes. By writing down my tried and trusted recipes, I can access them no matter where I am: putting them on this website also allows me to share them with those who want easy-to-make vegan food.

This is a  totally DIY website– my photos, my videos–using a WordPress 2015 theme. If anyone has a good recipe, send it to me and I will try it out and post it –giving you credit. No one gives me free samples so all reviews will be my honest opinion.

What I have to share, other than good vegan recipes, is a story of my happy life in the Bronx. The Bronx has a deep rich history that goes back to the Revolutionary war. It also has a reputation of urban decay and danger. But the current Bronx is not the Bronx of the 60’s through the 90’s. The Bronx is no longer burning (except occasionally in my kitchen).